Cody Kaiser
Age : 23
Born : Houston, Texas
Lives : El Dorado Hills, California

I have been living in Northern California for just about all of my life. My family and I moved out here in 1995. I was born a Texan but grew up a California kid! So much of the lifestyle here has created who I am today. I grew up playing soccer and stumbled upon cycling around age 11. A long time family friend brought me down to his bike shop one day and seeing all those bikes was enough for me to never touch a soccer ball again. Since that day the wheels have never stopped turning.

I started out in the mountain bike world and was quickly turned on to cyclocross; this weird mix of mountain bike and road racing, then sprinkle a little steeplechase on top. Basically it’s a bunch of skinny dorks riding roads bikes in the mud in the middle of winter. Cyclocross has been my primary discipline for the past 5 years with some other racing scattered throughout the summer time. In the process I have been able to travel the globe, become a member of team USA at the World Championships and win a National Title along with numerous national caliber events.

Last year I created a huge project for myself. I set out to create my own cycling program. The goal was to create something unlike anything else on the circuit. As soon as I made the decision to go against the grain and see what I could do, I knew it was going to be a make or break situation. Working with the entire LangeTwins crew, we were able to mold the team into exactly what we wanted for our needs. With a bit of headache to go along with everything I was able to make a successful campaign for my first season in the Elite Mens category. Now, one year under my belt, let’s see what we can do in year 2.

When off the bike…. Let’s talk cars, skiing, golf and camera.