Cody Kaiser
Age : 21
Born : Houston, Texas
Lives : El Dorado Hills, California

I have been living in Northern California for just about all of my life. My family and I moved out here in 1995. I was born a Texan but grew up a California kid! So much of the lifestyle here has created who I am today. I grew up playing soccer and stumbled upon cycling around age 11. A long time family friend brought me down to his bike shop one day and seeing all those bikes was enough for me to never touch a soccer ball again. Since that day the wheels have never stopped turning.

I started out in the mountain bike world and was quickly turned on to cyclocross; this weird mix of mountain bike and road racing, then sprinkle a little steeplechase on top. Basically it’s a bunch of skinny dorks riding roads bikes in the mud in the middle of winter. Cyclocross has been my primary discipline for the past 5 years with some other racing scattered throughout the summer time. In the process I have been able to travel the globe, become a member of team USA at the World Championships and win a National Title along with numerous national caliber events.

This coming, 2013 season in going to be the biggest and baddest season to date. I am going to be racing more than ever with a much larger focus on road racing but still not drifting too far from my knobby tire roots. I will be racing road races, criteriums, cross country, enduro and super D. I honestly cannot wait!!

When not on the bike I have a huge interest in skiing, cars and all things camera related.