Gateway to the West…or Midwest?

I flew out to St. Louis on Friday for a solid weekend of racing at the Gateway Cup. When I got in the weather was perfect and it looked like it was gonna be a beautiful weekend of racing. I was staying with some friends and he was nice enough to pick me up at the airport, little did i know it was gonna be in his bitchin’ ’64 Impala! We couldn’t fit the bike case in the trunk which was probably big enough to stuff more than a few dead bodies in…haha. So we decided just to put it in the back seat which made it even funnier. We’re just cruising down the highway with the top down and the bike hanging out the back seat!

The weekend of racing wasn’t ideal for me. I didn’t get a chance to ride on Friday and spent most of the day sitting on a plane which didn’t help. Saturday’s race I felt super sluggish and just couldn’t really feel the power in my legs. I did get the holeshot, which was cool, but the course had zero tech stuff so I quickly blew up and dropped the anchor pretty hard to finish up 20th…ugghh. Unfortunately, I could somewhat feel that that was gonna be the case as I was pre-riding.

Luckily, Sunday went much better. I was still feeling slightly sluggish but nothing like the day before. I decided to go a bit easier off of the start and was sitting top 3 though the first few turns. On lap 2, had a little bobble and lost some spots, and was forced to chase to stay in that top 10. I sat in 12th for most of the race but ended up finishing 13th after battling on a big horsepower course.
Gateway CX 3
Gateway CX 1
Gateway CX 2
photo cred:: Matteblackmedia

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Off Day Exploring

Took an off day and decided to head into the city to do some tourist stuff. Walked through Boston Common, checked out the Bronze Statue of George Washington. The Boston Marathon finish line was pretty rad. Went over to Cambridge and saw Hahvahd Yahd, and ate some pizza at Otto. You know I had to track down the local sneaker shops. Found a few good ones.
We walked into one running shoe store and that had a pair of original Oregon Waffles in the UofO colorway. It took some convincing but they finally let me pull it down. So Sick!!!

The funniest part was that Colt was asking me at lunch what would be one pair of shoes I would want if I could get anything out there. And I said a pair of unworn Original Oregon Waffles.
Solid afternoon of being a tourist.






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Devine Providence

Day 2…what a world of difference from yesterday. As soon as the sun came up we had clear skies and nothing but warm temps. This made the course dry out quickly and made for one of the fastest average speed races I’ve done in a while. Our race was basically two groups of 7-10 guys rolling around as if it was a road race. Totally different dynamic than the day before. I got off to a good start and settled into a chase group of about 3 guys rolling around in 12-15ish and was working with those boys for most of the race. With about 3 to go, I ended up starting to feel it and dropped back into a group of about 6 that I rolled with until the finish. Ended up 20th on the day. Not my best result but good considering the conditions and how the race was playing out.

I was able to walk around and snaps some pics while some of the other races were going on and before I got out to pre ride. Gives a good perspective of the venue and how these bigger races layout. This venue is probably one of the coolest out there!!
Prov 5
Prov 4
Prov 3 (1) Prov 2 (1) Prov 1 (1)

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Providence Day 1

Yesterday was Day 1 at the Providence Cross Fest. Just perfect cross weather and conditions at one of the most iconic venue in the US. The Temple of Music at Roger Williams Park is so rad! Big off camber sections, lots of grass and plenty of techy turns. The weather was overcast all day and began to rain right at the start of the elite mens race.

The race was going really well, I was cruising in the top 12ish for the first few laps. I settled in a bit and lost a few spots but remained in 15th until 4 laps to go when I flatted and was forced to chase. Luckily the flatted happened right at the pit and I was able to recover quickly. But the group had gone past and I didn’t have enough time to catch up. I ended up 18th…oh well. With 3 laps to go the skies opened up and starting dumping buckets. The course instantaneously went to a total slickery surface and made for some fun laps!

The weather and conditions did mean that there was some serious cleanup afterward. Lots of grass to clean out and re-lubing to be done. Luckily the tools of the trade from WD-40 Bike made it easy!Prov 3 Prov 2 Prov 1

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Wicked Good Bahston

Day 3 in Boston and it’s been fun so far. This period of racing is referred to as the US Holy Week of Cyclocross. With 6 races in 10 days, there’s plenty of time to get you’re racing fix. Got in early evening on Tuesday and grabbed some dinner downtown. Wednesday was day 1 of racing for me as we headed out to the highly coveted Night Weasels Cometh where we race on a ski slope that probably has about 500 feet of elevation gain in it! It’s a ski bump. Hahaha Ended up 5th which was solid. It was just good to get my slick riding skills freshened up since we haven’t seen any of that at home in about 2 years.
Got to go check out the Reebok World HQ which was cool. I’m still the biggest Nike fan and would love to see their campus but I will admit the CrossFit arena they had out back was pretty rad.
I had way more cool pics but my “excessively abused” iPhone keeps shutting off on me and won’t come back on so I lost a few sweet pics…. Ugghhh may need to go but the new one….




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Where To Go Next

I’ve been jumping around on what I’m going to be racing here in the next few weeks and I’ve finally got it all dialed. So you guys know where I’m at as well as so I know where I’m at, I figured I should put it all on paper. So my current, most likely definite calendar is as follows.

Oct. 1 – Night Weasels Cometh – Shrewsbury, MA
Oct. 4/5 – Providence Cross Cup – Providence, RI
Oct. 11/12 – Ellison Park Cyclocross Festival – Rochester, NY
Oct. 25/26 – Gateway Cup – St. Louis, MO
Oct. 31/Nov. 1/2 – Cincy3CX – Cincinatti, OH
Nov. 8/9 – Derby City Cup – Louisville, KY
Nov. 14/15/16 – Jingle Cross – Iowa City, IA
Nov. 29/30 – CXLA – Los Angeles, CA
Dec. 6/7 – Deschutes Brewery Cup – Bend, OR
Dec. 13 – California State Champs @ LangeTwins Winery – Lodi, CA
Jan. 3/4 – Resolution Cross Cup – Dallas, TX
Jan. 10/11 – 2015 CX Nationals – Austin, TX

Once it’s all on paper, it looks like so few races… I may need to squeeze in a few more.

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The season is here! We are now 3 weekends deep and the racing is getting up to speed. I’ve heard a few people out there still not knowing what to look for in the race. When we were designing the kit we wanted to go along with everything that LangeTwins is and represents. So we had to keep things classy and sophisticated. Black and Gold always go good together so it made it pretty easy to design something around their colors. We have the finished product and I’ve heard nothing but great comments. I really appreciate all of it! So be on the lookout at the races and give a holler when you see me!
14988792619_8384e68b5b_o 15172528861_dbc017918f_o 14988791989_1a272c9810_o

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Wind Tunnel Final Product

So where is the fastest position to place your water bottle? If you’re just going to race with one, do you put it on you or on the bike…?
So the Downtube position is the slowest position
Placing the bottle on the down tube will save you 25secs over a 40km distance
And removing both of the bottle cages and placing the bottle in your back pocket will save you 38secs over that same 40km

Such a fun experience to be down there and go through the whole process of testing.  The innovation that Specialized puts behind all of their products is amazing! They have really broken down the barrier of aerodynamics and showing us that aero is everything.

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Yesterday, I headed down to Specialized HQ to spend some time in the Wind Tunnel and get some stuff tuned in before CrossVegas.
We worked on some cross specific questions that I had and also answered some commonly asked topics that have been coming in under #aeroiseverything from all of the various social media outlets.
Awesome day, found out some good info and were gonna put it to use this season.






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