EWS Cannuck Style

So I have been planning on writing a post about the Enduro World Series race in Whistler but I wasn’t able to get a hold of any pictures. Well, now I’ve got some snaps. I won’t bore you with all the details of the race but I all I can say is that it was the most challenging day I’ve ever had on the bike. With over 7k feet of climbing and close to 13k feet of descending over 40 miles, it was a fun day. The steepest and shaley fireroad climbs into the most intense trails that required more focus than anything else I’ve ever ridden!
It was truly an unbelievable day and I’ll definitely be back next year!





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I’m on Top of The World

All I did yesterday was Ride and Eat…which really isn’t a bad thing. Get up, Verve Coffee and breakfast with a side of good Youtube videos to get you stoked. Ride the bike park until noon then back to the condo for lunch. In the afternoon I decided to ride the Top Of The World Trail and take a lap from the very top to the very bottom through the bike park. 5000 vertical feet of descending.

I have to say the entire ride up the Peak Chair and then the time I spent at the top just looking around and taking pictures was very surreal. It seemed like I was in some first person movie and I just heard myself talking the whole time, nothing else. I probably sat up there for 15 minutes before deciding to head down. The actually Top Of The World Trail is a whole other thing…High alpine riding, no trees, all rocks…it’s definitely a bucket list trail for riders. The experience is well worth the 17 bucks to get up there just for one run. And it’s only limited to 150 riders per day, so it’s even better. I rode with the GoPro for that section so I’ll try to get a shortened video up for you guys to check out.

After the TOTW experience decided to do a early evening pedal session and inspect Stages 1 and 2. Can you say Steep! I just need to remember to be on the right line, stay relaxed, and trust my skills on those sections.

IMG_4772Whistler (2) Whistler (1)

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Day 1 in Whistler…So RAD! Got my pass and rode the bike park from 10:30 until 3, came back to the condo, made some food, relaxed and recouped a bit then went back out and took another 3 laps of the park after 6:30. You can’t do that in very many places. Here’s some scenes from the village and bike park!

The huge Rock Slab Roller Coaster looking thing is up in the Garbanzo Section of the park and is an old line from back in the “huck to flat/northshore era of riding”. It’s also the same thing Kenny Smith rode in the ending scenes form the MTB film Arrival. Seeing it in person, really puts it into perspective of just how big those boys go!
The main chairlift rolls right above the Red Bull Joyride course that is no small line either. What I’m most impressed with is how perfect the dirt is. There is this sweet little toilet bowl hip jump piece that looks like a blast to ride! Almost looks like a concrete skatepark.

Whistler 5 Whistler 4 Whistler 3 (1) Whistler 2 (1) Whistler 1 (1)

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18hrs Drive

Over the last 2 days we’ve spent 18hrs in the car staring at I-5 North. Day 1 we drove from Sac O tomaters up to Seatlle. The plan was to drive to Portland but we made great time and got to Portland around 5pm so we decided to jam on up to Seattle and stop there.
Day 2 we powered up to Whistler. SUCH an rad place, How can I move here? The drive through Vancouver was rad. On the way in we somehow got routed through downtown VanCity. It was so sick, downtown is cool, the business district is cool, the living district is cool. I like this place! Oh and Whistler is super sick!

There is going to be plenty of riding to do but I still don’t think I’ll be able to ride enough…there’s just so much out here!Whistler 3 Whistler 2 Whistler 1

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Wow…This is a big step for me and a completely new learning project. I’m stoked that the details of the new LangeTwins/Specialized program have been released and the cycling world can prepare!

“For five generations LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards has been growing sustainable winegrapes in the Lodi Appellation and in 2006 opened a winery to showcase their passion for growing winegrapes – because great wine starts in the vineyard.”

Behind the scenes, I’ve been working on this since just about the end of February. I knew coming into my first year as an elite, I wanted to set the bar high and do things in the way I’ve always wished they could be done. Having my own setup really allows me to take the reigns and get a super dialed setup. I have to admit it was a bit uneasy for us to just to dive in and figure out how all of this management stuff works but hey, why make it easy. I eventually got a handle on it and things started to become productive and we started making steps towards our end goal!

I’ve had a close friendships with the crew from LangeTwins for some time now and have really enjoyed racing out on their property over the past few years in the Sacramento CX series. Now being the face of their support for cycling, I couldn’t be happier. I have a really good feeling about taking the LangeTwins brand to the national cx scene and I can’t wait to get peoples reactions. The outreach on social media and the various cycling publications has already been amazing!

-Tentative Race Schedule-
CrossVegas, Boulder Cup, GP Gloucester, Providence Cross Fest, Gateway CX, Cincy3Cx, Louisville Derby City Cup, Jingle Cross, CXLA, Deschutes Cross in Bend, NCNCA Districts at LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards, Dallas Cross and CX Nationals in Austin.

-Cycling Product Sponsors-
Specialized : S-Works Crux Disc, Phenom Saddles, S-Works Prevail & Evade Helmets, S-Works Body Geometry Shoes & Footbeds, Body Geometry Gloves
SRAM : Force CX1 Hydro Disc Groupsets
Zipp : 303 Disc Wheelsets, Service Course SL Handlebars, Stems and Seatposts
CrankBrothers : Candy 11 Pedals
WD-40 Bike – All Lubricants and Cleaning Products
Clothing Provided by Cuore of Switzerland
Mechanic Support Provided by Kinetic Cycles

Cody Kaiser S_Jersey RACE

See you at the races!

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Enduro World Series

We out here in Winter Park for the first of the two N. American EWS races. Today was a full day of track inspection. All of which was chairlift assisted which was nice but I’m actually a little tired. Maybe it’s that 9500 ft elevation out here… wow, I’m out of breath just typing that. The format up here is a little different, it’s 3 days with 2 stages on day 1, then 3, then 2 on the last day. Stage 4 on Saturday is going to be a 1 time preview, right prior to the race run…should be interesting.

The courses are fun, Stage One starts out with some switchbacks but then opens up into a fast double track section, then on to the Trestle Bike Park jump trail called Rainmaker and a pedaly sprint to the line on an elevated wood bridge which it kind of cool.
Stage Two starts of which a ladder drop into on of the more techy downhill tracks on the mountain then onto a lower section of big sweeping turns and a last section of super roots and rocky pedal section.

Tomorrow we race in the morning and then do course inspection on stages 3 and 5 afterward. I’m starting to get the hang of riding the bike park style tracks, gonna be good.

10542717_10203382905485061_2330851403129801384_o photo
photo 3

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Last Minute Trips!

Made a quick little weekend trip up to Downieville to get at least one look at the course before the race weekend is upon us. I can’t believe that it’s only a week and a half away. We ate plenty of Mexican Food, rode plenty of bikes and of course went for the post ride river jump.

We rode the XC Loop late Saturday afternoon and finished up right in town at the local taqueria. Late evening ride to burritos…perfect! And then on Sunday we went for 2 of the classic Downieville downhills. Unfortunately we were about 10 minutes from finishing the last run on sunday and wound up getting two flats…so that just prolonged the end of a long day of shuttling but an awesome weekend. Good Times Though!! And the views you get even when your stopped on the side of the trail are unreal.

Headed out to Colorado tomorrow morning for the Enduro World Series race in Winter Park. Gonna be a good time out there and I can;t wait to race with the best in the world as well as see just how fast those boys are! Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

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2015 Product

Fatboy, Venge Lunchrace Edition, S-Works Allez w/ D’Aluisio Smartweld, Diverge! More to Come!!









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World Champion Bikes

Zdenek Stybar and Jaroslav Kulhavy ‘s World Championship winning rides!

Pieces of World Champion History frozen in time.

What’s better than mixing Cycling and Formula 1 … Nothing!
The McLaren Tarmac is a true beauty.






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2015 Specialized Dealer Launch

We’re out here in Monterey with the Specialized crew to launch the 2015 Product Line.
Got out for an awesome ride today down to Pebble Beach along 17 Mile Drive to start the week off. Awesome riding and beautiful scenery.

While I’m out here, let me know what you want to see and I’ll try my best to post up photos of the new product!



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