To Europe for MTB

So I hopped on a small plane to SF to take a bigger plane to Chicago to take an even bigger plane to Munich. 

Just about missed my flight to Munich because as we were on approach there was a bird strike on the same runway a few planes ahead of us. We’re just about on the ground and all of the sudden we’re headed back up and making another loop for landing…. We landed at 5:55 and my connecting flight took off at 6:10

I sprinted though O’Hare like a total a**hole. (Sorry bout that, but had to get somewhere quick) and got to the gate right after the boarding door closed…. Luckily the dude in charge was cool and we did some finagling to get me on the plane. 

Flight across was solid. Landed in Munich and jammed down to South Tyrol, Italy in this SICK like Mercedes GLA AMG 45. Got to love German Engineering! 230kph on the AutoBahn!!!!!!!!

I was feeling pretty smoked when we got here but a little afternoon ride helped reawaken me from the fog! 

The crew here from Enduro Bike Mag is awesome! The riding is unbelievable and the Italian Food….ohh man is it tasty!! Going to be a blast of a weekend. Plenty More to Come.






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24 hrs in The Big Apple

We had a last minute trip down to NYC. We jammed down on Monday morning. Ended up being about 4.5 hr drive. Got there around noon and spent all day Monday and Tuesday there.

We hit up all tourist spots plus a few others I had to check out. 

Had lunch at Katz’s Deli, saw One World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty and Central Park. And had to go check out all the sneaker shops! Flight Club, Alife and 21Mercer.

It was National Coffee Day so we found this sick little underground coffee shop. Ninth St Espresso. Awesome Cold Brew!

Dope little 2 day weekend vacation on a Monday/Tuesday. 

Now back to the grind to get ready for Providence this weekend. Supposed to rain all week and be muddy!!!!!!


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Land of Lawbstah

Out here in Glouchester for the GP of Cyclocross weekend. Should be fun. The course reminds me a bit of a CCCX race back home. Lots of turns, different soil types and granite like dirt. The backdrop for this race is probably one of the most iconic on the U.S. Circuit. Right on the ocean, Stage Fort Park.  Gonna be awesome!

Had some Atomic Coffee on Nitro… Interesting. I dig it! Yeah, the coffee shops name was Atomic but the also some atomic effect after drinking that stuff. I was fired up all day!!!

I know I’ve been slacking on keeping this thing up to date but in gonna work on getting better. What do they say 21 days straight to form a habit…I’ll work on it.

I’ll keep it short and work on keeping you guys in tune! And some how we managed to fit all of this stuff into a SRAM NRS Volvo. Tetris champs right here!!


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The Blitz 2015

This year The Blitz mixed it up a bit by adding some new fun sections to the race course. We no longer finished at 10 Barrel Brewing so it gave us some more room to work with. We added some sweet jumps in the woods near the end of the trails in a zone called “The Lair”. Then straight to the classic jump on the driving range at Tetherow. From there we had the Top Speed competition and back onto the driving range for more of the energy zapping grass all the way to the finish line. Great event as always! Here’s a shortened version but full POV on the event.

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#TSEpic Stage 0

We made it out to PA just fine and spent yesterday getting camp setup and spinning out the legs after the 9hr drive from Boston. Man…I can tell you we are in the WOODS out here… BACKWOODS. But it awesome riding and so different from what we have back home. Super tight, technical, rocky, rooty, fun trails.

After the day of getting situated, the local trail committee and race partner hosted an EnduroCross Moto race their backyard that is right around the corner from the venue. It was super nice of them to invite us over, have a little BBQ and watch some motos. Great way to kick off the week! I can’t wait to see it all unfold!

Plenty More To Come

IMG_6255 IMG_6225 IMG_6362 IMG_6223 IMG_6229

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Greg Lemond x Oakley x MASH SF

What an awesome experience!! Today I rode with a Legend from the cycling world, Greg Lemond. The plan…just get a bunch of people to ditch work on a Friday afternoon and get out and have some fun. No frills, just a fun adventure. The whole idea came together from the guys from Oakley and MASH SF. It was a beautiful day to get out ride some road, ride some dirt and have a blast. Let alone do it all with Greg Lemond. So we rolled from the O Store on Market Street, down to the Embarcadero, past the marina and over the Golden Gate Bridge. Then up into the Headlands, rallied some dirt over to the bunkers and headed back to finish up at the MASH Transit Store. The other thing was so dope and once in a lifetime experience. I’m so stoked I was able to be attend and take it all in!IMG_6022
IMG_6043IMG_6060 IMG_6058 IMG_6051IMG_6067

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Same Bike, New Job

I have been so stoked on this bike since the Tuesday Afternoon in Austin, TX when I got it just prior to CXNats. I raced it all weekend down there and have since been doing some epic rides on it. Wether it’s a CX Ride, Road Road or even a Dirt Road Ride. It’ll tackle anything. I recently revamped it with a new Longer Distance setup for a few of the gravel races that I will do. I tested it out at the Barry Roubaix back in Michigan last month and it was awesome!!

Just a few minor changes was all it took.
-Swapped from the 303 Tubulars to a set of Carbon Clinchers so I can easily fix a flat if need be.
-Installed some SUPER SICK 32mm Armadillo Elite Pavement Tires (As you can see I’ve been putting them through the ringer.)
-Swapped my 40tooth front chainring (CX setup) for a 44tooth
-Swapped the 11-28 cassette for an 11-32
-Threw on 2 bottle cages

So with just a few changes I turned my CX Race Ready Crux into a Long Distance Race Ready Crux EVO

Pink Crux 1
Pink Crux 4

Pink Crux 5Pink Crux 2

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You know what that means!

Downieville All Mountain Registration is always an up the air event. It is usually announced close to the actually opening date and everyone rushes to register because there are only 250 spots available. For the past fews years it fills up within the first 30secs. Absolutely crazy. It’s almost as crazy as the actual start of the race in Sierra City.

Either Way I’m in and it’s time to start prepping for yet another Downieville AM Championship. This race has always been one of my favorites but has always left me hanging and wanting more. I’ve yet to finish higher than 10th in all of my attempts. So this year, I’m going to smash that climb and set myself up for a successful weekend!Screen Shot DVille

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Less than Ideal

So once again I’m late to the post…but in my defense I was not quite in the mood to type about the Austin Nats weekend. On pretty much all fronts it was a bit of a disappointment. I always try to just go with the flow and just take things how they come but deep down I was beyond disappointed with how everything went down with both my racing and the events that occurred on Sunday morning.

So I’ll keep this part real short. The SS went okay…I had a good feeling about this one and definitely knew I could have landed on one of the steps on the podium if not the top spot. Had some bad luck happen on lap one and was forced to chase. I ended up 9th. It was a pretty solid effort and gave me good confidence going into Sunday. I definitely wished I could have done better but realized I felt good and just looked at the bright side.

Now it had rained for the night prior to pre-ride on Saturday and the course was looking AMAZING!! Super slick, tons of techy sections. I am jumping for joy at this point. Sunday morning rolls around and the race is “cancelled”…What the …. You cancel a race because of the amount of rain and for the safety of some trees that you approved the course to go around… Yeah real smart Austin Parks and Rec. I won’t waste much energy on that subject because others have certainly beat that one to death. So you know what… it’s postponed for everyone, what can I do. Nothing but just stay relaxed and get ready for racing to resume on Monday.

I still feel amazing come Monday AM. Course is slick, everyone is struggling in the conditions and I am still loving it! The Specialized boys had my bikes dialed!! Huge Thanks to Patrick “Tree” and Jon for keeping those puppies in top shape all weekend. I had a great warm up and was ready for the task at hand. I roll to the start line and once call ups have been completed USA Cycling decides to fill in a 9th person on the front row, right in front of me and Troy Wells, which is definitely illegal according to the UCI. And I want to make this CLEAR. I am not blaming Jamey or Donn from Raleigh for their actions (I would expect nothing but a fight to get a rider back on to the front row) but USAC cannot over rule the UCI…Whatever it’s cool. I’ll make it work.

Gun goes off and were are racing, got a great jump off the line and was probably sitting in the top ten until complete chaos unleashed. The pack drifted to the right on a slight uphill and a rider from behind rides into my derailleur and pulls the wheel out of the dropout. There’s a huge crash behind me but I didn’t go down thankfully. Now the adrenaline is pumping and I’m fighting to get my wheel back in and the there I am the last dude still there from the crash. I keep fighting with he wheel before I realize I’m loosing even more time and decide to run to the pits. I hop on my other bike and start chasing.

At this point I’m now just on damage control and my main concern is to not get pulled. So I start chasing’ like hell. I ended up passing about 25 dudes and luckily stay on the lead lap and finish in 25 or something close to that. I didn’t really bother to look at the results and was pretty much done with the weekend and looking to put Austin in my rearview as quickly as possible.

So that pretty much sums up the entire weekend in a somewhat lengthy post. I am not a fan of long posts but this one seems appropriate and if you’ve gotten this far and didn’t just jump to the pics, THANK YOU for reading.

Thanks to Bill from Crank Brothers and Spencer from Road Bike Action for the Pics!!

CXNats_107 _M5H1562 _M5H1384 _M5H1151 _M5H0936

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